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What are diaper cakes?

What is a diaper cake?
How is a diaper cake made?
Are the diapers glued together?
Can the diapers be used?
What is a ribbon diaper cake?
What is a blanket diaper cake?
What is an undecorated diaper cake?
Can I personalize my cake?
How long will it take after my order has been placed?
How are the diaper cakes shipped?

What is a diaper cake?

A diaper cake is a unique, beautifully constructed work of art made of diapers (Pampers) to resemble a layered cake or torte.
Our diaper cakes come in 1 to 4 layers and contain at least 13 size 2 Pampers in the 1 layer diaper cake and up to at least 96 size 2 Pampers in the 4 layer diaper cake.
It is a real conversation piece that can be proudly presented to new parents to celebrate the birth of their baby or can even be used as a centre-piece table decoration at a christening.
Each diaper cake can be decorated with baby items of your choosing. These little surprises can be hidden inside the cake, hung on the outside or placed on top.

How is a diaper cake made?

We use only the finest ingredients in and on our cakes and each cake is carefully constructed with the safety and well-being of the special little recipient in mind.
We use Pampers disposable diapers for our diaper cakes because it is a brand that we know and trust. We do not make a diaper cake until it has been ordered and each diaper is taken fresh from a closed pack and is handled as little as possible in a hygienic, pet-free environment with your baby's safety and comfort in mind.
We never open the diapers themselves. Each diaper is laid (unopened), one against the other, in the round to form a circle. This circle of Pampers in them bound with ribbon or blankets.
Once you have picked your diaper cake, you can choose to decorate it with any of a wide range of baby clothes and accessories that we offer. You can also personalize most of our items online with one of the hundreds of embroidery designs and fonts in our Online Design System.

Are the diapers glued together?

No. They are not.
Each diaper is meant to be and should be used. The diapers are laid (unopened) one against the other to form a circle and held securely with ribbons or blankets.
The cakes are designed to be easily dismantled. Our tip for using the cake is that the cake NOT BE DISSASEMBLED right away. Simply pluck a diaper, as needed, from the top layer. When all of the diapers have been used from the top layer, simply dispose of the ribbon 'ring' holding the diapers in place and start on the next layer. Continue this way until the cake has been used up.

Can the diapers be used?

YES! All of the diapers are meant to be used. The diapers are handled with extreme care in a hygienic, pet-free environment to ensure the well-being of the new baby.
We only start a cake once an order has been placed. Each cake is made from a freshly opened pack of diapers that are placed immediately in the cake.
The diapers are simply laid one against the other and no glue or pins are used on the diapers in the construction of our diaper cakes.

What is a ribbon diaper cake?

The ribbon diaper cake is bound with ribbons.
Each layer is wrapped with many differently textured, coloured ribbons. Each cake is cleverly designed to look as close to the real thing as possible.

What is a diaper blanket cake?

A blanket diaper cake is a diaper cake as described above. The difference is that each layer is secured (instead of with ribbons) with carefully wrapped blankets, custom-made burp cloths, a custom-made diaper changing pad or flannel diaper cloth from our wide assortment.
Each item can be embroidered with the name and/or design of your choice using our easy-to-use Online Design System.

What is an undecorated diaper cake?

An undecorated diaper cake is our price-conscious cake made of pampers and bound with a single ribbon of your choice.
The undecorated cake gives you the opportunity to decorate the cake in any way you want.
You can either purchase items from us to decorate the cake or you can decorate the cake by yourself.
Complete your cake with more ribbons or toppings:
  • According to a theme
  • By getting together with other people and making it a joint gift. For example, let the people in your office each contribute an item to hang on your cake, making it truly a one-of-a-kind gift from the heart.
  • Using personal items - pictures or heirloom baby items.
  • With the personality of the recipient in mind.
  • According to the season - Easter, Christmas, Carnival etc.

Can I personalize my cake?

Yes, you certainly can!
You can personalize your cake by having us embroidery a design, name or text on any of our children's clothes, blankets, custom-made burp cloths, custom-made diaper changing pads or flannel cloths.
Or, you can have us embroider one of our cute 'embroidable' bears that we have to offer with your special child's name. The bears look really adorable sitting on top of one of our cakes.
Personalize the cake itself by having us cut out your baby's name from beautiful card paper that then is placed on your cake.

How long will it take after my order is placed?

Our ribbon diaper cakes are ready for shipping within 24 hours after your order has been placed.
All other cakes will be ready for shipping 4 to 7 days after the order has been placed, depending on the number and complexity of the items you chose. If it is a rush order and you need your diaper cake sooner than that, please contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

How are the diaper cakes shipped?

Our cakes are packed in high grade gift foil and tied with ribbons that match the cake that you have chosen. Each cake is stabilized on the bottom by being placed on a sturdy base that has been covered with a lacy paper cake doily.
The diaper cakes are then placed snugly in a sturdy box for shipping.
If you live in the Ansbach area, we will be happy to hand-deliver your cake for you. This is especially useful if the new mother has delivered her baby in Klinikum Ansbach. Just tell us what you want to say and we will include a card with your special wishes on your cake.
You are, of course, welcome to visit us and pick up your diaper cake yourself.