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Legal Rights of Revocation

Right of Revocation

Under German law, you can revoke your order with us within a period of two weeks by giving us written notice (e.g., letter or e-mail) or simply by returning the ordered items to us.

The two-week term begins when you receive these instructions in written form, however not before you have received the items you ordered and only when we have fulfilled our legal obligations with respect to informing you about your rights.

The revocation of your order can be achieved by simply sending us your written cancellation or by returning the ordered items to us before the two-week term has expired.

Please send any returned merchandize to:

Leonhart-Fuchs-Str. 19

D-91522 Ansbach



Please send your written revocation of your order to:

         info(at)schmusekind(dot)de             (by e-mail)

or by regular mail:

Leonhart-Fuchs-Str. 19

D-91522 Ansbach



Consequences of a revocation:

In case of a valid revocation any services or goods received from either party are to be returned.  If you are unable to return the received goods in their entirety, only partly or only in deteriorated condition, you might be liable to compensate us for the decline in value of the goods in question.  This does not apply when the damage and ensuing decline in value stems solely from examining and trying the goods in a manner that would have been possible in a retail store or by putting the goods to their intended use.  You can reduce the risk of liability by not treating the goods as your property when you start using them in the manner they were meant to be used and by avoiding anything that might damage them or reduce their value.

Packageable products must be returned at our risk.  You must bear the cost of the return delivery if the goods delivered to you where the ones that you ordered and if the price of the items to be returned is less than EUR 40.  Otherwise the return delivery must be paid by you and we will reimburse you upon presentation of the corresponding receipts (in writing or via e-mail).  We will reimburse costs paid by you for the items you returned and, if applicable, the cost of the return delivery to us within 30 days after we have received the returned merchandize.

Exclusion of revocation rights

Your legal rights to a revocation do not extend to orders of any goods that were specifically made to your specifications (e.g., a 'Schmusedecke') or are clearly tailored to personal requirements (e.g., contain an embroidered name) or are obviously unsuitable for return (e.g., a diaper cake with fresh flowers).

Please note that only the German version of this section ('Widerufsbelehrung') is legally binding and valid.  Every effort has been made to provide an accurate and precise translation, but this cannot be guaranteed.